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Honey On My

"Every time you open a bottle of Honey on my Heart we want you to be swept off your feet. To experience a sensory explosion... we want to evoke feelings of passion and sensuality, to take you on an intimate sensory journey."

Honey on my Heart was created by Kylie and William in 2021. They saw a space in the market for a range of super clean, high quality body products that don't just smell good but provide people with an intimate experience.

Honey on my Heart products are blended using the purest essential oils available globally. Plant based oils that have been used and valued for centuries for their healing and transformational properties. 

Inspired by myths, legends and epic love stories, every scent Kylie and William create is carefully crafted to deeply stimulate the mind and body providing people with a unique sensory experience.

Lovers of all things natural, Kylie and William have been blending and using essential oils to support health, well being and creativity for many years. It was their love of storytelling and study of the mind body connection that inspired them to create Honey on my Heart. 

"We aspire to make truly irresistible products. To give people something to enhance every intimate moment. To encourage them to let connect with themselves and with others and be really present in those moments. There is a science and a story behind every product we create. We paint a picture for people, using all the senses to stimulate imagination, emotion and sensation, to create feelings of freedom and desire. Honey on my Heart is a full body experience."

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